GFL Head Office

All custom made furniture with the highest detail of material quality and manufacturing process. GFL Liquid Waste Division East founded in 1995, maintains provincially approved operations and facilities in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

Josephson Opticians

Provides large selection of fashion eyewear. Provides a list of contact lens products and describes eyeglass models in stock.

Josephson Opticians

Custom Kitchen

Wow your client. Build to suit. Add a twist of your own style. If you are passionate about your design, let us help you to build it!


Commercial Millwork

Check out our latest project for New York-based children’s charity providing critical services to childrenand their families.

Commercial Millwork

Latest projects

Josephson Opticians

Josephson Opticians

Josephson Opticians has become a Toronto landmark for carrying fashionable, cutting edge ...
Corporate headquarter

GFL (Green For Life) – Head Office

The GFL head office was a challenge with a happy ending. Five ...
Custom walnut kitchen (3)

Stunning Walnut kitchen

Wow your client. Conform to the space. Add a twist of your ...

Dove Spa

JdMcNicoll worked towards helping Dove Spa reflect a clean, neutral and uncluttered ...

Firkin On King

JdMcNicoll has collaborated within the Firkin pub franchise several times. This restaurant ...

Leigh-Harlow Boutique

Leigh-Harlow is a unisex designer clothing boutique located on Queen St. West. ...


This lighting warehouse was designed to best show its exquisite lighting lines. ...

Seven Nightclub

JdMcNicoll completed Seven Nightclub with sleek minimalist features. It features spectacular lighting ...