How It Works

We’d like to introduce you to the simple, three-step process of starting a project with us.

If, for some reason you’d rather skip all of that, just call us at 416-535-5846 and we can guide you through.

Upload Your Files

3D models, 2D drawings in *.pdf, even hand sketches on a piece of old-school paper.

Send Your Files

Get a Quote

We’ll respond with a price quote so you can see how much things will cost.

Contact Us

Decide & Follow Up

Here it’s your turn to decide whether you hire us or drop us dead. Simple as that.

Our Work

Fully Explained

The following paragraphs explain in greater detail what to do and expect in order to start your next project.

Upload & Send Us Your Files

In case you have any visuals of your project, use this quick form to send us your files accompanied with short contact information. We expect you to send the following media types:

  • 3D models (SketchUp, AutoCAD)
  • 2D drawings (*.pdf, *.dxf, *.ai)
  • Photos, screenshots (iPhone, web)
  • Scans of hand-drawn sketches

Send your files

Get a Quick, Free Price Quote

Either you send your files online or you stop by for a visit and provide all the necessary data. Right after that we are quick to come up with a price quote. In order to be efficient we’re going to need the following:

  • dimensions and quanities
  • materials & hardware used
  • finishes and details applied
  • ZIP code & delivery needs
  • your budget & due-dates

Decide & Follow Up

At this point, we’re still just trying to help you to decide. No cheesy selling techniques, that’s our promise.

We assume you’re a professional who knows what you are looking for.

If you feel we’re the choice by offering you the right services at the right price–then give it a try, contact us
and let’s get you project sterted.

You can call at: 416-555-5555